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Johnson Bryce

In honor of Black History month, we wanted to celebrate our close friends at Johnson Bryce Inc. Robert Johnson and daughter Rhonda Johnson became history makers by leading the first minority owned flexible packaging corporation. Johnson Bryce was developed out of Frito Lay’s effort in the mid-1980’s to do business with minority-owned suppliers. That is when the Johnson family was introduced to the Bryce family and a joint venture began. The idea was that a joint venture between a minority entrepreneur and an established company would result in a stable company that could start up quickly. The new company gained momentum, relying on the collective technical experience, business acumen and management expertise of both families.
In 2007 the Purifoy Family acquired a majority of ownership of Johnson Bryce and is now run by CEO Ron Purifoy. Johnson Bryce remains a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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