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Bryce Corp. creates packaging products for customers in the Food, Snack, Pet Care, Household, along with Health and Beauty industries. As a family owned and operated business, Bryce takes pride in their investments to their customers, employees and shareholders.

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Bryce Corporation's Origins Date Back to 1922

Bryce Corporation’s origins date back to 1922, when in Dallas, Texas, William H. Bryce Sr. lead the creation and development of waxing technology with the Dixie Company. He subsequently left Dixie Company in 1927 and founded Dixie Wax Paper in Memphis, TN thus beginning Bryce Corporation’s long standing commitment to and involvement in the Midsouth.

In 1969, while working at Dixie Wax Paper and observing the radically advanced capabilities of polypropylene technology, William H. Bryce Jr. founded Bryce Corporation. Partnering with industry leaders in the Snack Food market, Bryce Corporation began to lead the conversion from cellophane and wax paper packaging to the more sophisticated polypropylene films that are still on the market today.

The conversion to these films has been remarkably successful, and with William H. Bryce’s leadership and vision, Bryce Corporation’s legacy of technological innovation was firmly cemented. Subsequent years saw dramatic growth and expansion for the company. William H. Bryce Jr. strongly believed in continual investment in the business, updating technology, and diversifying capabilities. Before the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding, Bryce Corporation had built two additional major facilities in the Southeast and was positioning itself to move into the Confectionary market.

Our Leadership

  • Thomas J. Bryce

    Thomas J. Bryce

    Chairman and CEO

  • Sean Bowie

    Sean Bowie

    President of Bryce Corporation

  • Stephen Perkins

    Stephen Perkins

    President of Cyber Graphics

In 1997, current Chairman and CEO, Thomas J. Bryce began his leadership of Bryce Corporation building upon the business principles and values that have characterized the business. His tenure has included expansion in facilities, and greater manufacturing capabilities with the inclusion of metalizing, cold seal applications, and the pioneering extended gamut flexographic printing.

Mr. Bryce is now joined by his sons-in-law, Sean Bowie and Stephen Perkins, who are positioned to drive Bryce Corporation into its next phase of growth. Intimately involved with the day-to-day operations of the business, both Bowie and Perkins are committed to the growth of the business while still maintaining Bryce Corporation’s long-standing tradition of innovation in flexible packaging.


Our Business Is Response

At Bryce Corporation, we have multiple affiliate businesses that allow us to accommodate any and all customer needs.

Our business is response, and at Bryce Corporation, we maintain networks that allow us to be the most responsive provider that we can be.

G Cyber Graphics

Cyber Graphics, our sister business, offers complete design, prepress and plate-making services that give you the best quality and consistency in flexographic print production.

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Johnson Bryce, Inc.

Johnson Bryce is a minority-owned partner and supplier of flexographic packaging services and solutions specializing in waxing and coating capabilities.

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